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“Family law” encompasses much more than divorce. Custody and visitation plans, child support, alimony, establishing paternity and parental rights, guardianship and adoption are just a few of the important life events that are included in family law. Family law is ever changing. Same-sex marriage and surrogacy are examples of recent innovations in family law. At Attorney Phillip R. Walker, we are deeply familiar with the full spectrum of family law issues, as well as other legal areas that family-related legal decisions may impact such as estate planning and elder law. From your very first legal matter to important end-of-life decisions, our firm is here to guide you.

A family law matter can complicate other areas of life in the future. We can help you plan for the future and help to avoid stressful and costly legal battles.

Our team is prepared to assist you in a wide range of family law matters, including:

When you face a family law issue, it is critical to hire a lawyer who is an effective negotiator. It is equally important that your attorney is a capable and prepared trial lawyer. Attorney Phillip R. Walker has substantial experience in both mediation and litigation. He is well-versed in alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation, arbitration and collaborative law. If alternatives to trial fail to produce a reasonable result, Attorney Phillip R. Walker has the knowledge and skill to zealously represent you and your children’s interest in the courtroom.

A background that works to your benefit: As a former contract attorney for the Juvenile Court, Attorney Phillip R. Walker has a wide breadth of experience handling a high volume of family law cases and representing people from all walks of life.

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Just as every family is unique, every family law issue is unique. In family law cases, the results in the courtroom can be unpredictable. We will first walk you through a risk-benefit analysis and explain what your potential outcomes can include. We try to settle disputes quickly when possible, knowing that a sure outcome is often better than the unknown at trial. Our attorney, Phillip R. Walker will provide you with the knowledge you need and guide you in making the important decisions each step along the way. With his 30 years of experience, he understands the risks to you and how much you have on the line in your case.

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